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Upon selecting the tickets you wish to purchase, you'll be redirected to make your purchase on the Eventbrite site.

Activity and Training Waitlist

Refunds and transfers.

Refunds on Training tickets are available until February 1, 2016, 11:59pm PST, and refunds on Conference tickets are available until March 1, 2016, 11:59pm PST. After that, tickets can only be transferred.

Activities are non-refundable, but are transferrable.

To transfer tickets from one Training or Activity to another, use the default Eventbrite UI.

The deadline for all ticket transfers is March 15, 2016, 11:59pm PST. Email the team with any questions or to arrange transfers.

To process a transfer request, send us the following information about the replacement attendee:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Company
  • Github username
  • Twitter username
  • Dietary restrictions
Tshirt sizes can only be updated until the shirt order is placed (typically 30 days before the conference).


Absolutely! They'll need their own tickets, but you're welcome to buy one for them. Should there be a conference afterparty, we'll also make SO tickets available to that.

We can indeed! Please reach out to let us know if you'll be attending and needing a Mother's Room or bringing your baby (or both!). We can make a private Mother's Room available and would love to hear about how else we can help.

Nursing babies are welcome. Please be considerate of your fellow attendees and step out of session rooms when the baby is noisy (it happens :p). We're also happy to set up reserved seating for you, so should you need to step out, your seat will be waiting for you when you return.

We'll certainly try! You'll be asked about dietary needs on your registration form. Please be specific about your needs, and preferences vs allergies, as they require different accomodations and vendors.

For lunch at the conference, the venue will provide special kosher meals. If you'd like to explore other things, especially if you're considering staying in Portland for a few extra days, feel free to reach out for more info on local options.

It may require an Uber or two, but there's a Glatt Kosher takeout counter (with a full time mashgiach), a bakery, and a Cafe (Cholov Stam and Pareve), all in the Southwest. There's also a Jewish Community Center and Chabad chapter, both of which may be of assistance. They can also help track down a daily minyan if needed.

Ack, sorry! On the bright side, we have small, intimate groups for activities and trainings. On the less bright side, that means they can sell out fast.

If the training you want is sold out, add yourself to the corresponding waitlist here. Should anyone be looking for a transfer, or a second group be opened up, we'll reach out.

EmberConf will have live captioning, done by a firm specializing in providing them in highly technical environments (so they'll hopefully do an even better job with our programming terms than most, though still, expect some unintentionally funny mistakes). The captioning will be available at a URL we'll provide on-site at the conference.